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Even the most capable homeowners and property managers battle to stay on top of an ongoing list of tasks that need to be done. With so much on your plate, it can often be impossible to get everything done when it needs to get done, especially if your own or manage a property that is larger. We know that you have a busy schedule, which is why we can provide you with professional property services in Atlanta. Instead of letting building maintenance tasks fall to the wayside, leave it to the professional contractors at C I S Construction Install Services LLC. We can handle everything from eviction clean outs and junk removal to lock rekeying and property perservation services.

Eviction Clean Outs

Eviction clean outs atlanta

We work closely with rental property owners and property managers to restore properties after evictions or foreclosures. Whether you need a house trash out, foreclosure cleanup or eviction clean outs, give us a call and we can provide a thorough, full service clean up of your eviction property in Atlanta that will make it look like new again.


Lock Rekey Services

Atlanta rekey locks service

If you door locks break or stop working, call on our professionals to help. Our lock rekey services are especially helpful if you find yourself needing to change locks or modify your locks frequently because you manage a business or property that has a turnover of tenants or employees. Rekeying ensures the safety of your property without the expense of replacing your door hardware.


Junk Removal Services

Junk removal atlanta

When you need propery clean up for your construction site or eviction trash out, it is important to have a contractor that has experience with junk removal services. Hiring a team specifically for junk removal and hauling allows the project to be completed in the quickest time frame and in the least expensive manner. We are experienced in both commercial junk removal as well as residential junk removal. Let us do all the lifting, loading and clean up.


Junk Hauling Services

Junk hauling atlanta

Who has time for junk removal when the project is so much bigger than that? In fact, even if that’s the main focus of the job, it’s still not something you should have to worry yourself with. There’s a lot of tedious work to be done when it comes to junk hauling and pick up. That’s why C I S Construction Install Services LLC offers this as one of the many skilled and important Junk removal services for our local area clients.


Demotion Services

Demolition atlanta

At a certain point, you may find yourself saddled with a building or other large piece of property that needs to be leveled quickly and completely. Maybe you’re trying to build more lucrative properties on top of it, or maybe your current buildings are way past code and the only reasonable solution is to call in a wrecking crew to knock the place down before it cause any problems.


Post Eviction Foreclosures

Post eviction foreclosures atlanta

All landlords and mortgagers have had the same horror stories: Their tenant or mortgagee has stopped paying and won’t respond to any phone calls, emails, or other forms of communication. So, what can you do? Evict or foreclose, of course. That process can be a drawn-out headache itself, but the end of it doesn’t signal the end of your bad renter or mortgagee nightmare.


Post Construction Cleanup

Post construction cleanup atlanta

So, you’ve had a new property built. You’re all ready to put that property to use and start making some money, right? Not quite right. There’s still the matter of the construction mess left behind -- and there WILL be a mess to some degree. Before you can start using your newly constructed building, you’re going to have to get the place cleaned back up, naturally.


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